Happy New Year!!!

Hey guys, I’m sorry that I didn’t post anything on Saturday. But it was New years Eve and I was with my friends and I was having a good time.

First of all I want to wish you all a very happy 2017 and may all your wishes come true!
I’ll tell you my new years resolution in a bit but first I want to tell you about my New Years Eve!

So I went to my friends house, my parents were also going out so I went there a little bit earlier as the rest of my friends. I had dinner with her and her family and it’s was very delicious. Then the rest of our friends came and we had a game night. I’m usually not a big fan of playing games but this time it was really fun. After the games we went to the ‘ youth house’ I don’t know how to say it properly in English. But it’s basically a big room with a bar where you can come with your friends and have a drink that doesn’t cost you a fortune. So we went there to have a little party. It was really fun though I wasn’t really there with my thoughts. As the clock struck 12 everybody was having their new years kiss and there was me who has never kissed anybody. But besides that I was having a nice time with all my friends and almost everybody from my school was there.

My New Years resolutions

  • I want to try to eat more healthy and just live a little bit healthier.
  • I want to pass my last year in high school and hopefully go to the university that I want to go. Ans also study something that I really like.
  • I want to remain friends with all the people that I love, I know that it will be hard because they all stay close to their home and I’m going to study in a bigger city.
  • Hopefully do something about my anxiety. Try to be more social ( trying to talk to new people, you guys know I’m not good at that ( see my post Anxiety) or just talk more to my friends I have now and hopefully one day I will have the courage to talk to my crush, this will probably never happen)
  • When I will be at university, hopefully I will be able to make some new friends because else it will be a very lonely year.
  • I want to try and relax more.
  • My last one, hopefully make more awesome post and stories for you guys!


Hopefully you liked this, if you want to share your resolutions with me, leave them in the comments below!

xxx L.

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