The perks of being a wallflower ( movie)

Hey guys, so yesterday I saw the perks of being a wallflower and I really wanted to share my thoughts with you!

For school I’m reading the book, I know that I should have finished the book first but I had seen the movie a long time ago so I thought why not.

Also I almost cried through the whole movie not just a little tear no, you know the term ” Ugly Crying” well that kind of crying.

The movie is so beautiful and the actors who played the characters were just amazing.
I loved that Logan Lerman played Charlie because I had really pictured him when I thought about the character. The character is very shy but still when he has friends, his friends are everything for them and he will make sure that they are happy before he himself can be happy. Butt he has a psychological problem, he keeps seeing things and we later learn that his aunt ,which he says was very sweet, actually abused him and that’s why he’s so shy and socially awkward.

Than there’s Sam played by the talented and beautiful Emma Watson, I adore her she’s just such a damn good actor. But I love how she plays Sam. The way she and Patrick take care of Charlie when they see he doesn’t have friends just melted my heart. I had just really hoped that she would have seen a lot sooner that Charlie was the one for her instead of leading him on, I know that there is a big age difference but still. I loved that she wanted to make sure that his first kiss was with somebody who loved him and well yes again my little heart melted. ( I hope that my first kiss will just be as special as this one, but I guess because of my social anxiety thing it won’t happen. Even if I liked somebody I wouldn’t dare to talk to them not even small talk. For an example, even if I had some kind of feelings for somebody for like just say a couple of years I would still not say a word to him just because I’m so scared.)

And I loved the fact that there were people who took care of Charlie just because they also saw that he didn’t make friends with anyone. I loved how the teacher tried to keep him busy so that I wouldn’t tumble back into his depression, well it worked but when the school finishes and everybody left we all know what happened.
When Patrick saw him as somebody equal and not just as a younger student but actually as a friend. He introduced him to his friends who were also happy to meet Charlie and take care of him.

Let’s just say that I loved the movie although I ugly cried through  the most of it.

I hope you liked this review and my little bit of talk about my personal issue!

xxx L.

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