Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone

Hey guys, I’m sorry that i didn’t post anything yesterday but I was going to post a recipe for an apple cake but I baked it and I failed. So I thought why not to a book review.
Recently I had to read a book for my English class and I chose Harry Potter, so why not do a review about that one.

I love the book, the way it is written and the story is just incredible.
I love all the characters and their little background story!
Harry the famous one who doesn’t realize how important he actually is, Ron the one who is a little more poor as the rest and has a great mom but doesn’t realize it and then there’s Hermione the smart one with her muggle parents who knows a ton of stuff.

I love the adventure that Harry has to go through with his friends, he always as to play the hero!

I also recently watched the first one and the only thing that I could think was, they are so cute! Now we know them as super stars who have done a load for the world and seeing them back when they were like 12 it’s just so amazing.
Besides that I loved the movie but of course the book was better, most of the time it was parallel but some details that were in the book and not in the film will always be there!

The only thing that I find sad now, is that I didn’t get my Hogwarts letter!

I hope you liked this short review!

xxx L.

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