Full Stranger things review

Hey guys, so today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite shows, Stranger things.

A few weeks a go I did a post about starting this series and I ended up watching the whole season in two days.

Let’s just talk about all the amazing actors and actresses.
First of all the kids are between 12-15 years old, that’s very young and they are just incredible on the screen. I love the character Eleven and I also love Millie Bobbie Brown the actress who plays her. She is just amazing and it’s so impressive that she’s only 12 years old when i was that age I couldn’t even speak properly.

One thing that I find really sad is that the actresses who plays Nancy hasn’t done any recent work because I love how she acts so much and I really want to see more of her work.

Now let’s talk about the series it self. As I said I saw the whole movie in about 2 days it was just so addictive. I also find it really sad that we have to wait a whole year and we only got 8 episodes when we got 14 episodes with Orange is the new black.

But I love the eighties setting and the whole plot. Some nerdie kids ho have the biggest adventure of their life. I love the supernatural in it but I must say I did have some nightmares about the monster but let’s just say it’s pretty scary!

If you have some other thoughts please share them with me because I love to talk about them since none of my friends watched it!

xxx L.

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