Starting Stranger Things!

Hey guys, so I recently started to watch Stranger things and I’m not sure about it yet.

Yes my school has started and when I have free time I like to watch a TV serie and I had heard a lot of Stranger things so I thought why not take a look at it!

I get scared really easily so when it started it scared the sh*t out of me because I wasn’t really expecting something like that. But right now I have watched episode 1 and 2 and I don’t hate but I’m not sure if I’m loving it.

The actors are so great, knowing most of them are 12-13 years old just blows my mind! I would never be able to do something like that, I’m way to scared to do something like that!

Are there other people who have watched it or are watching it and want to share their thoughts about the retro TV show leave a comment below so we can chat about it!

xxx L.

8 thoughts on “Starting Stranger Things!

  1. I watched it last week.I had the same feeling with the first episode but eventually,I was hooked and ended up binge-watching the last 6 episodes.I really liked the kids,all the boys and Elleven.I hope you will end up enjoying it more.

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  2. Thanking you kindly for the follow & I followed you back as well.. Stranger Things looks like fun to watch and I was pondering over when to begin the series.. I’m adding this to my list and we can compare what we think.. I’m a lot older than you so I may have a different view on the show that might prove to be interesting to compare views.. Take care, Laura

    Happy watching Stranger Things….and good luck with your return to school.. Study, study, study… wink

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