Me before you ~Jojo Moyes

Hey guys, so today I’ll review the book and movie ” me before you”.

On vacation I started reading this and I finished it in less then a day, a loved it.

I loved how she wrote the whole thing and it was really funny sometimes and the chemistry between them was just sparks flying everywhere. I really liked the characters and I can’t wait to read the sequel.

Than the movie, I went to see it after I read the book so I knew what was going to happen but I still enjoyed it. It wasn’t as good as the book but it was still pretty good. I loved the casting, I’ve always loved Emilia Clack and she did a wonderful job as Lou and well Sam Claflin didn’t do bad either. At one point everybody started crying and I sat there like well its a sad moment but I ain’t wasting my tears.

But overall I really liked the movie but the book was so much better!

Hope you enjoyed it!

xxx L.


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