Apology + vacation Italy

Hey guys first of all I’m really sorry that I didn’t post anything Wednesday. I didn’t really plan anything ,I went out with my friends and when I came back I had to leave because we were going to a restaurant. I thought that it wouldn’t take long so I would post something when we got back, it turned out that it took longer as I expected and I also got sick. So I’m really sorry for that but I’m also sorry that my post haven’t been the best, I don’t know if they are actually any good but for the past weeks I felt that they were not good. So sorry for that and I hope that you’ll like the post in the future because I’ll work hard for them so you all can enjoy them!

That said, I also went on a vacation but you guys would not have known that because I scheduled some posts so that you all had some to read and enjoy. I’ll show some pictures because I took a lot!

So first we had a 5 hour drive to Germany and than an 8-10 hour drive to our place in Italy, Rocchetta di Vara.

We went on a few walks, and we also went on the 5 terre express. That’s a train that takes you to all the little sea towns, it was really beautiful.

Than after 5 days in Italy we went to Switzerland for a few days, we went for a walk on a big mountain and we also went to an ice cave.

I really hope you liked it and like I said I’ll try to make my post better and better for you!

xxx L.

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