Harry Potter exhibition ~ a day in Brussels

Hey guys, I’m sorry that I didn’t post anything yesterday but I was in Brussels for the Harry Potter exhibition.

So we had to be at the exhibition at 6 o’clock in the evening, so we thought why not go early and do a museum, so we went to the natural sciences museum Brussels.

We saw a lot of cool stuff but the coolest were all the dinosaurs!

I made a lot of pictures and you can see them on my facebook page right here:
Facebook~natural sciences museum brussels

We also went to the Atomium because it was very close to the exhibition and we had some time to kill.

Than it was finally time for the exhibition. It was really really cool and fun. I saw a lot of things, it wasn’t really that big but it was still very impressive!

Again I took a lot of pictures, I got almost everything on camera so that you guys can also enjoy the exhibition! But these will also be on my facebook.
Facebook ~ Harry Potter the exhibition

I hope you like all the pictures, so now you all have did the exhibition with me!

See you soon!
xxx L.
( Ps did I mention that I’ve also made an Instagram)

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