Finally vacation!!! + GOT finale!

Hey guys, so today I got my grades and I passed and next year I will be in my last year of high school!

I don’t know if you guys noticed but I changed the blog up a bit, I liked the old theme but the one I have know I really like and now it’s how I pictured it.

I also made an Instagram so I will using that very soon.

But as you have guessed from the title, I hove now two months vacation before school starts again. I will be going on vacation but I’ll share everything with you guys. I will also try to do a lot more cooking so that I can share these with you and of course watch a lot of movies and catch up on my TV series so that I can do a lot of reviews.

And I just wanted to say something about the season finale of Game of Thrones.
I watched it and I was just blown away. It was such a powerful episode.
I’m very sad that they killed of Natalie Dormer because she is an incredible actress and I love all her work and I also liked her character.
I really hope that the relationship between Jon Snow and Sansa Stark will grow because they are just awesome together. Hopefully Arya will arrive soon, so that they can be a very strong family again.And now we also know that Jon isn’t a bastard of Ned, but that Ned is actually his uncle I think.
I hat the thoughts of Cersei on the throne so I hope that the Queen of Dragons will arrive soon. I really love Daenerys, she is such a powerful character who knows exactly what she wants. I love Emilia Clarke and she will always be my queen!

I hope you liked this little post, my posts will get better and better because now I have lots of time!


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