Trying to be healthy!?

Hey guys, so today it will be a  short post but I want to ask you guys something.

Maybe you’ve noticed that my last recipes were a little bit healthier than the time before that. And that’s because I’m trying to be healthy en maybe lose some weight.

So my question for you guys is, “Do you know some healthy recipes or some healthy foods?”.

Maybe you to want to be healthy and maybe you can also learn some more from the comments!

Thank you in advance for the healthy things and I’ll post something soon!

xxx L.

8 thoughts on “Trying to be healthy!?

  1. Hey! I have a post going up soon (as soon as I am out of hospital) all about healthy foods and recipies. I’ll be happy to tag you once its up? Xx

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  2. I guess this is sort of obvious and not very helpful, but fruit salads (maybe with yogurt or pasta salad if you’re not worried about the carbs and fats) or some fresh veggies would be good!

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  3. Good luck to you. On my journey to be healthy, I have learned it’s all about balance. It a variety of nutritious food from each food group and indulge every now and then. While trying to lose weight portion control is key. I really have to get back on track with that one.

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