The JBYB Award

The JBYB Award

(Just Being You Blog)

Hey guys, so I recently got nominated for the JBYB award by Alex C.

1. Mention the person who nominated you, and put a link to their blog in the post..
2. Tell us your favorite quote. (Included in post.)
3. Answer 10 questions that your nominator gives you.
4. List 5 completely random things about you.
5. Nominate 8 other bloggers. And let them know.
6. List 10 new questions for the newbies.
7. Finish with your favorite meme.

My favorite quote

– Coffee or Tea, which do you prefer?
I prefer coffee.
– Who is your celebrity crush?
That’s a though one, I think my male one is Ryan Gosling or Keegan Allen and my girl crush ( you know the ones that you really like to see on the screen) Troian Bellisario or Emma Stone.
– What is your favorite old cartoon?
I don’t know many cartoons but, I like the Flinstones.
– If you had to choose between being blind or being deaf, which would it be?
Uhm, I think that I would choose being deaf so that I can still read and watch movies and see all the beautiful people of the world.
– What is your favorite fandom?
I love all fandoms but my favorite one is definitely the pretty little liars one.
– What is your dream vacation?
My dream vacation is a road trip through North-America to all the great cities.
– How many siblings, if any, do you have?
I have one brother.
– What is your favorite word?
Right now I think it’s something like a curse word. Just everything with “bloody”.
– Pet peeve?
I don’t know what this means, so than I can’t answer it.
– Who is your least favorite actor?
My least favorite actor, that’s a though because I think that everybody has good and not so good movies. I really can’t pick one.

Random things
– I love to watch TV series that I even think that I’m addicted. Right now i’m enjoying Game of Thrones a lot.
– I’m a very shy person.
– I love to eat. Mostly things that aren’t so good for you.
– I don’t have many friends but the ones I do have are just the best and greatest of all times.
-I have rheumatoid arthritis, now almost 6 years!

My nominees
20 day world
five thumbs up blog

My questions
– Favorite book at the moment?
– Do you have pets, if so which ones?
– Favorite ice cream?
– First the book and then the movie or the other way around?
– Perfect first date idea?
– Favorite marvel superhero?
– If you like to read, what is your favorite genre?
– Favorite drink ( it can be anything!)?
– Why did you start your blog?
– Which kind of food is your favorite?


That’s it I hope you liked it, when you do the award link me back to it!

xxx L.


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