Game of thrones ~ s06e03 (Spoilers!!!)

Hey guys, sot today I wanted to talk about the newest episode of game of thrones.

On the of the best parts of this episode, all start in the very beginning when Jon Snow is lying butt naked on the table. Still very scared and stuff but I’m glad he’s back. And of course his friends are also really happy that the lord commander is back.

And then there’s this cut scene where Sam tells Gilly that he just wants them to be save and that’s why he is taking them to his family, to keep Gilly and the baby save.

Than we see a young Ned stark next to Howland reed who are going to fight Ser Arthur Dayne by the Tower of Joy. In the beginning there was no chance that they would win but than there was some backstabbing and well that concludes everything on how they won.

Than we see of very tired Daenerys Targaryen heading to Vaes Dothrak to go and live with the other widows. I really hope that she will get freed and that we will see some dragon actions soon. I really like her and I love her dragons.

Arya Stark still can’t see and is “learning how to fight” when you have no eyes. When she finally can, she drinks some water and her sight is back. I hope that there will be some more actions for her and that she reunites with her sister so that the Stark family can come back, stronger than ever.

And than one of the saddest moments, when you see that Shaggydog is killed.

To finish it all, Snow killed the traitors and than says ” My watch has ended” and just leaves.

I hope you liked this one, if you did make sure to like it and if you have other thoughts leave them in the comments below.

xxx L.
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