100 followers Q & A

Hey guys, so a month ago I posted this : 100 followers ~ Q&A.
I got a few questions and now I’m going to answer them.

vickgoodwin asked: Do you enjoy doing reviews on all types of books or just one certain genre?
I like reading a lot of genres, so it doesn’t really matter what genres it is. As long as I like the book, I’m happy to do a review about it.

thewondrouslifeofalliem asked: fav movie?
That’s a pretty though one, why you may ask, well just as with my books I like to watch a lot of genres. I really can’t pick a favorite and I also have a lot of favorite actors and actresses. Crazy, Stupid Love is one that I really like, but I also enjoy watching marvel movies and of course all the YA movies that are based on the books. I really can’t pick a favorite because I love them all.

I hope you liked this rather short post, if you have some more questions leave them in the comments below and I’ll do an other Q&A post with your new questions.

xxx L.
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