Hunger games ~ books & movies

Hey guys, so this weekend I finally watched the last hunger games : ” the hunger games mockingjay part 2″. And I thought why not do a review of the whole series.

So first I read the books, and I thought that they were great.
I loved how she wrote. It was like I was with them on their journey.
I also read them again because for school I needed to do a book review ( for my dutch class) and my task was very good.
I really liked them all, but my favorite is the first one.

So now the movies, I actually thought that they were similar to the books. ( But I always love the books more than the films.)
The first two were almost identical as the book and the last two were not so similar.
The one movies that I didn’t really enjoy was the third one :the hunger games mockingjay part 1″. I thought that it was a very slow movie compared to the other.
There just wasn’t much action, they just talked.

But overall I really liked them both!

Hope you liked it, if you enjoyed it make sure to hit like and if you have some other thoughts, just share them in the comments below!

xxx L.
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