London ~ day 5

Hey guys, so today I will be talking about the last day of my London adventure. 😦

So on day 5 we had a lot of free time, we got like 4 and a half hours where we had to eat and make sure that we had some food for on the way home.

We were dropped of at Hyde park and we needed to be back at st Paul’s cathedral after 4 and a half hours.

We decided to go shopping and we did the whole Oxford Street, we went to some clothing shops and then we went to Hamleys.
That’s the biggest toy shop ever!

After that we really had to run to be there on time because it was further than we thought.( but on the way I picked up a birthday present for my mom, her birthday is on the 9th of April).

Than we walked to the millennium bridge and went to the toilet in Tate Modern.
Than we walked to the Tower Bridge, but I didn’t get really close because I was exhausted.

Than we waited an hour on our bus and than we went home, and that was the end of my adventure in London!

I hope you enjoyed it, I really liked it there so one day I will definitely go back.
Let me know if you liked it, so that in the future I’ll know if I can post some more travel adventures of myself and that you guys will like it.

xxx L.

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11 thoughts on “London ~ day 5

      1. Yes and much more. But we had a tied schedule, so sometimes we didn’t spend enough time to see something properly. But I’m hoping that one day I can go back and see all the things properly!

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