London ~ day 4

Hey guys, so today it’s time to talk about my day 4!

Day 4 was a day where we visited a lot of museums.

First we went to the Natural History museum, the one thing I wanted to see there were the dinosaurs.

After that we went to the Science museum, but we were a little bit disappointed.
It really wasn’t what we all expected. Than we ate there, but it wasn’t that great.

Than we went to the Imperial war museum.
It was very impressive but we were so exhausted that we did a little bit of the museum and than we just stat down and waited for the rest of the group( who were also sitting in the little cafe just drinking some drinks.)

After that we went to eat in some grill, but we were very rushed and almost half of our people got a burger to go and the worst part was that they were almost all raw.

But than we went to a musical : Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
And it was truly amazing!


Hope you enjoyed, tomorrow my last day of my London adventure!

xxx L.

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