Pretty Little liars (06×20) ~ review

Hey guys, so I’ve just seen the Pretty Little liars spring finale and I really wanted to share my thoughts because a lot of things happened. So if you haven’t seen this episode yet, than don’t read this review yet because it will contain some spoilers.

So Hanna is going to turn herself in to this new big A and everybody is going to help her and make sure that they catch this crazy person.

I loved the spoby scenes, I know that they weren’t that long and some of them weren’t that important but they were so cute! (as you know I really love spoby.)

spoby s06 finale
All of the sudden Caleb can build an electric fence just be googling it, so if we ever need something from now on we can find every single thing on the internet.

One of the other great things that happened are those ezria scenes, I’m not a real shipper but I think that they are very cute together.
So Ezra basically admits to himself that Nicole is really gone.
Ezra gets a call from his boss to let him know that he and Aria have scored a book deal.
At first Aria doesn’t believe him but eventually she does and well than she’s so happy that all of the sudden she kisses Ezra and we all know what happens next.
Yes you guessed it right, of course a sex scene followed.

When Caleb and Hanna are in the “cabin”, we finally find out why they broke up.
She didn’t spend much time with Caleb and well that explains almost everything.
When she tells this story to him, she also adds that she never stopped loving him and guess what a kiss between them followed.

Meanwhile Allison is seeing dead people and she thinks she’s going crazy. Eventually she can’t handle it anymore and goes to a psychiatric hospital, the same one where Charlotte was for 5 years.

Now the big twists.
Spencer, Toby and Mona find an old file of a patient from the old radley. The file belongs to Mary Drake and now things get complicated.

Charlotte was actually adopted by the DiLaurentis family. Of course they kept this one quit and said that she and Jason were a few years apart so that no one could know that they were the same age.

Charlotte her real mother is actually Mary drake and Mary is the identical twin sister of Jessica.This was the part that I really didn’t like because I had really hoped that one of the girls had a twin.
But moving on, it turns out that Elliot ( Ali’s new husband) was in love with Charlotte first and is working with Mary Drake.
And to make it even worse, the new big A got Hanna.

I hope you all enjoyed this post if you did make sure to like it.
If you had some other thoughts leave them in the comments below.
Xxx L.

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