The mortal instruments ~ Cassandra Clare

Hey guys, today I thought why not talk about one of my favorite book series : The mortal instruments.

First of all I really like the books, I love how it’s written and I really love the great story line with these amazing twist.
I love the complicated relationship of Jace and Clary and the crazy creatures. I think the other characters are also great but the one I really love is Clary.
It’s just her personality, sometimes she is like a normal girl and laughs and just lives her life and than suddenly she can be so brave and protect everything and everybody she loves.

I really loved the movie, and it’s really sad that they stopped with the production after only the first movie.
I loved how Lily Collins played the role of Clary. She played it so well and then there’s the chemistry between her and jamie campbell bower. The sparks were almost flying of my screen in certain scenes. The whole cast did a great job and they all portrayed all the different characters so well. And I think that the book and the movie are very similar and yes in this case it’s a very good thing.

And then recently there is also the TV series.
I started to watch the first episode, but I didn’t even finish it.
I really didn’t like the new actors and it was a little bit to much for me.
But maybe when I have some more time I’ll give it a shot.

I hope you liked it, if you disagree or have some thoughts leave them in the comments, so we can talk about them.

Xxx L.
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5 thoughts on “The mortal instruments ~ Cassandra Clare

  1. I completely agree- the movie was so much better than the tv show- which is totally lousy. I was really disappointed they didn’t make more. There was only one major problem I had with it (among several smaller gripes) and that’s that Valentine wasn’t really Valentine in it- he was just a typical maniacal villain- which was disappointing. But I agree that Lily Collins did a good job (much better than the one of the tv show- gosh did no one ever tell her it’s possible to overact?)

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  2. I didnt initially like the movie too much since so much was left out (though I thought the casting was on point) The series is lacking so much shadowhunter essence that the movie is awesome by a million times. Well time constraints are a problem obviously, with more running time perhaps the movie could have been awesome. Jaime and Lilly are perfect right?? I fell in love with Lilly as a person, and have been a great fan ever since. The series has failed to cast and re create scenes from the book. lt might be its major problem. I agree with Valentine not being “Valentine” but some stereotypical villain. Movie valentine played it well.

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