Tv serie review ~ Teen wolf (s05e18)

Hey guys, today I will be talking about teen wolf s05e18 and yes it will contain some spoilers.

So first of all how cool was it that Crystal Reed just popped up on the screen. I’ve missed her so much, yes I know she won’t come back, but she’s still a very talented actress who I really love.

The only thing that I didn’t really like were those bad french accents. I know that the story takes place in France, but the accents were way to exaggerated. But at least now we know who the original beast was.

Than Scott who thinks that he can fight the beast alone, that wasn’t a very smart move. But thank god for his pack, they really saved his ass.

Now we also know who the beast is under the teenagers and for me it was a real surprise I wound’t have guessed that it was Mason. And than Corey who saves him from Scott, but I think that he knew that Mason is the beast because why would he else want to protect him, he’s not the protective boyfriend type.

I guess we will have to wait till next week to see what will happen.
If you have other thoughts leave them in the comments below.

Hope you liked it! Post something soon!
xxx L.


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