Tv-serie review ~ Pretty Little liars (s06e16)

Hey guys, I’m sorry that I haven’t posted anything in a few days but school is very busy.

So today I’l be sharing my thoughts with you about pretty little liars s06e16 and some previous ones. If you haven’t seen these episode than stop reading and return to this if you have seen these because I guess that there will be some ” spoilers”.

So I’ve just seen the new episode and I’m like ” what is going on?”
So Emily donated her eggs and than just like that they are gone, don’t you guys think that  it was a little bit to far and Mona, who normally has a bunch of secrets, just answers straight away whenCaleb asks her about the truth.

Then Hanna, first she wants to go out of the town. She’s out of town, has a easy night and than when she wakes up sees her phone and almost gets a panic attack because Jordan isn’t there. After that they almost immediately return, of course she cares about her friends but  I think she needs to make some more time for her self at this moment.
Let’s talk about the sparks that were flying everywhere when she and Caleb were having a drink, I think that they still love each other no matter what.

Right, than there was some more Spaleb action but I’m more of a Spoby shipper so I don’t really like the new relationship of Spencer. I really thought that it would definitely be a problem for Hanna and I had really hoped that Toby would come back and win Spencer’s heart back. But you never know what will happen in the next episode.

Then Ezra returns with 3 new chapters of his book and I’m really curious how Aria will explain to him what she has been doing with his book.

So these are my thoughts about the new episode, hope you liked it and if you would like some more of these or if you have other thoughts, you could always leave these in the comments.

xxx L.



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