Valentine’s day….. #urghhhh

Hello everybody,
It’s February the 14th, so that means it’s Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s day, I think it’s a nice day, but the day is definitely not necessary.
Of course if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend it’s nice to get something but I think that if you truly love each other than you don’t need a special day. If you love someone you can give them stuff on whatever day you like.

And for all the singles out there, just like me, it’s not fun to see the media full with stuff about Valentine’s day. If one of your friends who has a boyfriend/ girlfriend gets something, that’s great and you will definitely wish them luck with their relationship or when a friend gets a rose or teddy bear from her almost boyfriend that’s of course something else but it gets a little bit to much attention from all the media. ( Or that’s what I think about it, no offense to the Valentine’s day lovers out there.)

I just wanted to share my thoughts about it and I want to wish you all a happyvday1

I’ve also made a Facebook page and twitter so you guys can stay updated for my posts!
xxx L.



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